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Complete details about Gibraltar in Europe with capital city Gibraltar

Country NameGibraltar (Gibraltar)
Country CodeGIB
Capital CityGibraltar
RegionSouthern Europe
Independence Year0
Surface Area6.0
Life Expectancy79.0 years
GNP258.0 (old 0.0)
Government FormDependent Territory of the UK

Spoken Languages

Arabic     (7.4%)
English [official]     (88.9%)

Major Cities

Gibraltar, ?     (population 27025)

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From @GranCapitan1982 on Sat Apr 29 21:13:32 EDT 2017 RT @HistoryTime_: April 29th, 711 - Islamic conquest of Hispania: Moorish troops led by Tariq ibn-Ziyad land at Gibraltar to begin their in?
From @francis_2310 on Sat Apr 29 21:11:43 EDT 2017 RT @magnateUSA: Reino Unido debería construir un muro en Gibraltar y cobrárselo a los espańoles.
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From @mchanzo_rt on Sat Apr 29 21:10:36 EDT 2017 RT @minghzi: this is by far the hardest ive tried to make something look good. eyedropped the bg colors from Gibraltar bc romantic seaside?
From @CODEXREVISUS on Sat Apr 29 21:09:16 EDT 2017 @AngryCatalan @naixa65 ...A Espanya nonés existeixen fronteres amb Andorra, Gibraltar i el Marroc, crec....i ni aquestes haurien d'haver