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Complete details about Ghana in Africa with capital city Accra

Country NameGhana (Ghana)
Country CodeGHA
Capital CityAccra
RegionWestern Africa
Independence Year1957
Surface Area238533.0
Life Expectancy57.4 years
GNP7137.0 (old 6884.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Akan     (52.4%)
Ewe     (11.9%)
Ga-adangme     (7.8%)
Gurma     (3.3%)
Joruba     (1.3%)
Mossi     (15.8%)

Major Cities

Accra, Greater Accra     (population 1070000)
Kumasi, Ashanti     (population 385192)
Tamale, Northern     (population 151069)
Tema, Greater Accra     (population 109975)
Sekondi-Takoradi, Western     (population 103653)

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