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Complete details about Canada in North America with capital city Ottawa

Country NameCanada (Canada)
Country CodeCAN
Capital CityOttawa
ContinentNorth America
RegionNorth America
Independence Year1867
Surface Area9970610.0
Life Expectancy79.4 years
GNP598862.0 (old 625626.0)
Government FormConstitutional Monarchy, Federation

Spoken Languages

Chinese     (2.5%)
Dutch     (0.5%)
English [official]     (60.4%)
Eskimo Languages     (0.1%)
French [official]     (23.4%)
German     (1.6%)
Italian     (1.7%)
Polish     (0.7%)
Portuguese     (0.7%)
Punjabi     (0.7%)
Spanish     (0.7%)
Ukrainian     (0.6%)

Major Cities

Montréal, Québec     (population 1016376)
Calgary, Alberta     (population 768082)
Toronto, Ontario     (population 688275)
North York, Ontario     (population 622632)
Winnipeg, Manitoba     (population 618477)
Edmonton, Alberta     (population 616306)
Mississauga, Ontario     (population 608072)
Scarborough, Ontario     (population 594501)
Vancouver, British Colombia     (population 514008)
Etobicoke, Ontario     (population 348845)
London, Ontario     (population 339917)
Hamilton, Ontario     (population 335614)
Ottawa, Ontario     (population 335277)
Laval, Québec     (population 330393)
Surrey, British Colombia     (population 304477)
Brampton, Ontario     (population 296711)
Windsor, Ontario     (population 207588)
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan     (population 193647)
Kitchener, Ontario     (population 189959)
Markham, Ontario     (population 189098)
Regina, Saskatchewan     (population 180400)
Burnaby, British Colombia     (population 179209)
Québec, Québec     (population 167264)
York, Ontario     (population 154980)
Richmond, British Colombia     (population 148867)
Vaughan, Ontario     (population 147889)
Burlington, Ontario     (population 145150)
Oshawa, Ontario     (population 140173)
Oakville, Ontario     (population 139192)
Saint Catharines, Ontario     (population 136216)
Longueuil, Québec     (population 127977)
Richmond Hill, Ontario     (population 116428)
Thunder Bay, Ontario     (population 115913)
Nepean, Ontario     (population 115100)
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia     (population 114733)
East York, Ontario     (population 114034)
Halifax, Nova Scotia     (population 113910)
Cambridge, Ontario     (population 109186)
Gloucester, Ontario     (population 107314)
Abbotsford, British Colombia     (population 105403)
Guelph, Ontario     (population 103593)
Saint John´s, Newfoundland     (population 101936)
Coquitlam, British Colombia     (population 101820)
Saanich, British Colombia     (population 101388)
Gatineau, Québec     (population 100702)
Delta, British Colombia     (population 95411)
Sudbury, Ontario     (population 92686)
Kelowna, British Colombia     (population 89442)
Barrie, Ontario     (population 89269)

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