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Complete details about Cameroon in Africa with capital city Yaoundé

Country NameCameroon (Cameroun/Cameroon)
Country CodeCMR
Capital CityYaoundé
RegionCentral Africa
Independence Year1960
Surface Area475442.0
Life Expectancy54.8 years
GNP9174.0 (old 8596.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Bamileke-bamum     (18.6%)
Duala     (10.9%)
Fang     (19.7%)
Ful     (9.6%)
Maka     (4.9%)
Mandara     (5.7%)
Masana     (3.9%)
Tikar     (7.4%)

Major Cities

Douala, Littoral     (population 1448300)
Yaoundé, Centre     (population 1372800)
Garoua, Nord     (population 177000)
Maroua, Extrême-Nord     (population 143000)
Bamenda, Nord-Ouest     (population 138000)
Bafoussam, Ouest     (population 131000)
Nkongsamba, Littoral     (population 112454)

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