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Complete details about Bolivia in South America with capital city La Paz

Country NameBolivia (Bolivia)
Country CodeBOL
Capital CityLa Paz
ContinentSouth America
RegionSouth America
Independence Year1825
Surface Area1098581.0
Life Expectancy63.7 years
GNP8571.0 (old 7967.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Aimará [official]     (3.2%)
Guaraní     (0.1%)
Ket?ua [official]     (8.1%)
Spanish [official]     (87.7%)

Major Cities

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz     (population 935361)
La Paz, La Paz     (population 758141)
El Alto, La Paz     (population 534466)
Cochabamba, Cochabamba     (population 482800)
Oruro, Oruro     (population 223553)
Sucre, Chuquisaca     (population 178426)
Potosí, Potosí     (population 140642)
Tarija, Tarija     (population 125255)

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Missionary In Bolivia Returning Home For Pittsburgh Marathon

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ? Jeff Sved is a man on a mission. A missionary, in fact, working in the prisons of Bolivia. He ministers to societal outcasts in one of the poorest countries in South America. ?Being able to reach across those boundaries that we ...   read full story

Publisher: Fox NewsThu, 28 Apr 2016 12:18:45 -0700
Seven new animal species discovered in Bolivia

?This genus of frog shows extreme endemism [found nowhere else on Earth] with several new species described in the last couple of decades across the Andean valleys of northern Bolivia and southern Peru, so we were hopeful of at least one discovery,? ...   read full story

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Bolivia hires German firm Siemens to expand thermoelectric plant

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Bolivia is geographically diverse and rich in natural resources, but its citizens are among the poorest in South America. Bordered by the dominant regional powers of Brazil to the east and Argentina to the south, the nation is roughly the size of the ...   read full story

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