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Complete details about Bolivia in South America with capital city La Paz

Country NameBolivia (Bolivia)
Country CodeBOL
Capital CityLa Paz
ContinentSouth America
RegionSouth America
Independence Year1825
Surface Area1098581.0
Life Expectancy63.7 years
GNP8571.0 (old 7967.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Aimará [official]     (3.2%)
Guaraní     (0.1%)
Ket?ua [official]     (8.1%)
Spanish [official]     (87.7%)

Major Cities

Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Santa Cruz     (population 935361)
La Paz, La Paz     (population 758141)
El Alto, La Paz     (population 534466)
Cochabamba, Cochabamba     (population 482800)
Oruro, Oruro     (population 223553)
Sucre, Chuquisaca     (population 178426)
Potosí, Potosí     (population 140642)
Tarija, Tarija     (population 125255)

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Bolivia Legalises Child Labour And Child Labour Might Decline In Bolivia

The world is unfortunately rather more perverse than we might desire it to be. Bolivia has just decided to legalise child labour from the age of 10, something that is causing outrage in the usual circles. For of course we all agree that child labour is ...   read full story

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Publisher: BBC NewsThu, 17 Jul 2014 17:33:45 -0700
Bolivia law allows 'self-employed children' aged 10 to work

Bolivia has lowered the legal working age to allow children to work from the age of 10 as long as they also attend school and are self-employed. The law also permits 12-year-olds to be contracted to work for others. But they need parental authorisation.   read full story

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Bolivia's president re-elected head of coca union, calls for growth of legally ...

LA PAZ, Bolivia ? Bolivian President Evo Morales has been re-elected head of the country's largest union of coca growers and promises to expand crops if he wins a third term as the nation's leader. Morales told union members Sunday that Bolivia needs a ...   read full story

Publisher: Socialist ProjectMon, 21 Jul 2014 22:48:45 -0700
From Bolivia, a Trade-Union Appeal for International Anti-Capitalist Solidarity

As a follow-up to the June summit meeting of the G77 + China leaders, held in Santa Cruz, the Bolivian government and the Bolivian Workers Central (COB) sponsored an ?Anti-Imperialist International Trade Union Conference? in Cochabamba, June 30-July ...   read full story

Bolivia Tweets

From @kellydiaskelly on Tue Jul 22 11:28:08 EDT 2014 @monterocnn @marco_bello argentinos digam se 10 gols tomados 6 da bolivia 4 da alemanha rsrsrsrs!!
From @bolivia_auralia on Tue Jul 22 11:27:52 EDT 2014 "@IniWanitaBanget: Diam adalah cara terakhir cewek ketika dia sudah capek, lelah, sakit, dan terlalu banyak bersabar. :')"
From @bolivia_auralia on Tue Jul 22 11:27:45 EDT 2014 "@IniWanitaBanget: Cewek kalo udah cemburu itu cuma bisa kesel sendiri dan yang pasti makan hati. :')"
From @bolivia_auralia on Tue Jul 22 11:27:40 EDT 2014 "@IniWanitaBanget: Sepercaya apapun seorang cewek, tetep aja ada rasa curiga kalo tau cowoknya udah main, terus ga ngasih kabar. :')"
From @Raisita789 on Tue Jul 22 11:27:35 EDT 2014 en Villazon, Bolivia
From @TeamWharton on Tue Jul 22 11:27:34 EDT 2014 ?@reason: #Bolivia Lowers Legal Age of Employment to Help Poor Families #childlabor @kateheartspeace
From @bolivia_auralia on Tue Jul 22 11:27:33 EDT 2014 Cewek emang lemah fisiknya, tapi soal perasaan cewek lebih KUAT. Follow @IniWanitaBanget yuk tweetnya 100% ngertiin cewek banget. :')"
From @armadaoriental on Tue Jul 22 11:27:31 EDT 2014 Noticias SIN - Servicios Informativos Nacionales Decomisados 252 kilos de cocaína en varios operativos...
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From @Done_8 on Tue Jul 22 11:27:12 EDT 2014 La Unesco declaró a #Bolivia país libre de analfabetismo. Una verdadera Evo-lución.
From @futnews5 on Tue Jul 22 11:27:10 EDT 2014 As derrotas foram: 2x1 Holanda, 2x0 Paraguai, 2x1 BOLÍVIA, 2x0 VENEZUELA, 2x0 México e 2x0 Portugal.
From @pmauduit on Tue Jul 22 11:27:03 EDT 2014 RT @osmcbba: 2 o 3 clics, un toque en capas y tienes info. #geográfica de #Bolivia vía @geoboliviaide
From @GuidojulioJulio on Tue Jul 22 11:26:55 EDT 2014 @JohnCena hola John espero qe ganes atodos ami me gusto mucho la pelea de bros lesnar aguante john yo soy de bolivia