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Complete details about Belize in North America with capital city Belmopan

Country NameBelize (Belize)
Country CodeBLZ
Capital CityBelmopan
ContinentNorth America
RegionCentral America
Independence Year1981
Surface Area22696.0
Life Expectancy70.9 years
GNP630.0 (old 616.0)
Government FormConstitutional Monarchy

Spoken Languages

English [official]     (50.8%)
Garifuna     (6.8%)
Maya Languages     (9.6%)
Spanish     (31.6%)

Major Cities

Belize City, Belize City     (population 55810)
Belmopan, Cayo     (population 7105)

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Great Blue Hole off Belize yields new clues to fall of Mayan civilisation

Scientists from Rice University and Louisiana State University found evidence in Belize's Great Blue Hole, a 400ft-deep cave in a barrier reef, that supports the theory that drought and climate conditions pushed the Mayans from a regional power to a ...   read full story

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