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Complete details about Belgium in Europe with capital city Bruxelles [Brussel]

Country NameBelgium (België/Belgique)
Country CodeBEL
Capital CityBruxelles [Brussel]
RegionWestern Europe
Independence Year1830
Surface Area30518.0
Life Expectancy77.8 years
GNP249704.0 (old 243948.0)
Government FormConstitutional Monarchy, Federation

Spoken Languages

Arabic     (1.6%)
Dutch [official]     (59.2%)
French [official]     (32.6%)
German [official]     (1.0%)
Italian     (2.4%)
Turkish     (0.9%)

Major Cities

Antwerpen, Antwerpen     (population 446525)
Gent, East Flanderi     (population 224180)
Charleroi, Hainaut     (population 200827)
Ličge, Ličge     (population 185639)
Bruxelles [Brussel], Bryssel     (population 133859)
Brugge, West Flanderi     (population 116246)
Schaerbeek, Bryssel     (population 105692)
Namur, Namur     (population 105419)
Mons, Hainaut     (population 90935)

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