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Complete details about Algeria in Africa with capital city Alger

Country NameAlgeria (Al-Jaza?ir/Algérie)
Country CodeDZA
Capital CityAlger
RegionNorthern Africa
Independence Year1962
Surface Area2381741.0
Life Expectancy69.7 years
GNP49982.0 (old 46966.0)
Government FormRepublic

Spoken Languages

Arabic [official]     (86.0%)
Berberi     (14.0%)

Major Cities

Alger, Alger     (population 2168000)
Oran, Oran     (population 609823)
Constantine, Constantine     (population 443727)
Annaba, Annaba     (population 222518)
Batna, Batna     (population 183377)
Sétif, Sétif     (population 179055)
Sidi Bel Abbès, Sidi Bel Abbès     (population 153106)
Skikda, Skikda     (population 128747)
Biskra, Biskra     (population 128281)
Blida (el-Boulaida), Blida     (population 127284)
Béjaïa, Béjaïa     (population 117162)
Mostaganem, Mostaganem     (population 115212)
Tébessa, Tébessa     (population 112007)
Tlemcen (Tilimsen), Tlemcen     (population 110242)
Béchar, Béchar     (population 107311)
Tiaret, Tiaret     (population 100118)
Ech-Chleff (el-Asnam), Chlef     (population 96794)
Ghardaïa, Ghardaïa     (population 89415)

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Algeria : Four cities to host Afcon 2017

Algeria seems to be the closest country to host the 2017 version of the Africa Cup of Nations(Afcon) after its elimination from the 2019 and 2021 versions . According to some Algerian sources , four cities and five stadium will be allocated for this ...   read full story

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Algeria Tweets

From @TexasArabians on Mon Sep 22 04:08:51 EDT 2014 @FlorianNeuhof all throughout Sahel.Algeria, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, AND Libya. Tuareg elders (9/8) told Misrata oil belongs 2 Mother Liby
From @mhdsyafieq on Mon Sep 22 04:07:28 EDT 2014 Viva Algerie!! #allstars #family #aaxcharter @ algeria
From @AmalSaher on Mon Sep 22 04:07:25 EDT 2014 RT @ImadMesdoua: Never forget our tragedy #Algerie: Hommage aux victimes du massacre de #Bentalha il y'a 17 ans aujourd'hui:
From @TexasArabians on Mon Sep 22 04:07:15 EDT 2014 @FlorianNeuhof No, there are no Tabu in Algeria. Contact Fezzan213. He is from the South. Tuareg are/were nomads and range from Morroco
From @JeSuis_Drole on Mon Sep 22 04:05:49 EDT 2014 RT @ImadMesdoua: Never forget our tragedy #Algerie: Hommage aux victimes du massacre de #Bentalha il y'a 17 ans aujourd'hui:
From @ImadMesdoua on Mon Sep 22 04:05:19 EDT 2014 Never forget our tragedy #Algerie: Hommage aux victimes du massacre de #Bentalha il y'a 17 ans aujourd'hui: #Algeria
From @FlagOfAlgeria on Mon Sep 22 04:05:10 EDT 2014 Passenger Traffic Resumes in Border Crossings of "Etaleb El Arabi," Algeria and Hezoua, Tozeur ... #Algeria #News
From @lamine45801915 on Mon Sep 22 04:04:54 EDT 2014 @sweden Thanks for your message , I'm from Algeria , I have questions please if you have free time of course :)
From @Algerie_Infos on Mon Sep 22 04:03:15 EDT 2014 ?????? ??????? Un an aprè... via @ParisMatch #Algerie #Algeria by
From @RT3Algeria on Mon Sep 22 04:00:23 EDT 2014 Algeria ??????? @RT3Algeria ???? ???? ????? ?????? ???? ??? ????????? ???? ???? ??? ???????? ???? ???? ??????
From @Algeria_Tweet on Mon Sep 22 04:00:09 EDT 2014 Une fuite qui dévoile le C-HR #Algérie
From @Buessa_BAH on Mon Sep 22 03:58:55 EDT 2014 "@fnoorcom: ??????? ?????? : ?? ???? ??????? ?? ??????." #Iran #Iraq #Bahrain #ksa #kuwait #Algeria #alwefaq
From @FlorianNeuhof on Mon Sep 22 03:58:16 EDT 2014 @TexasArabians Is there no Tebu minority in Algeria? I wonder if the sources were really referring to smuggling operations...
From @Myriam_Algeria on Mon Sep 22 03:58:09 EDT 2014 ???? ?????? ???? ??????? ?? ?? ?? ???
From @TexasArabians on Mon Sep 22 03:55:05 EDT 2014 @FlorianNeuhof This Reuters article is full of inaccuracies. The Tabu are not in Algeria, they are from Chad! Tuareg have kin in Algeria!