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Publisher: Chron.comTue, 30 Sep 2014 09:41:27 -0700
Traffic light spotted on Mars, for tiny martian cars?

A traffic light on Mars? UFO watchers say that this NASA photo reveals. Photo By NASA. A traffic light on Mars? UFO watchers say that this NASA photo reveals an oddly human-like creation on the surface of Mars? Can you see it? A traffic light on Mars?   read full story

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Publisher: Daily MailMon, 29 Sep 2014 14:45:00 -0700
Has Curiosity been having a kickaround on Mars? Rover reveals round rock on ... read full story
Publisher: Los Angeles TimesTue, 30 Sep 2014 21:41:15 -0700
Mars rover Curiosity getting a taste of the base of Mt. Sharp read full story
Publisher: SpaceFlight InsiderWed, 01 Oct 2014 05:00:00 -0700
Curiosity rover finds strange features on Mars read full story
Publisher: ABC Science OnlineTue, 30 Sep 2014 20:33:45 -0700
Sandblasting winds shift Mars' landscape read full story
Publisher: International Business Times AUTue, 30 Sep 2014 17:11:15 -0700
NASA's Curiosity Rover Discovers Water On Martian Soil: Mars Not A Dry Planet read full story
Publisher: Independent OnlineTue, 30 Sep 2014 23:56:15 -0700
How winds shift Mars' landscape read full story

Publisher: Huffington PostTue, 30 Sep 2014 11:42:11 -0700
Elon Musk Wants To Put A Million People On Mars. Here's Why

This isn't the first time Musk has made a pitch for colonizing Mars. At the AllThingsD's 2013 conference last year, Musk said, "Either we spread Earth to other planets, or we risk going extinct... An extinction event is inevitable and we're ...   read full story

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Publisher: NBCNews.comTue, 30 Sep 2014 13:26:15 -0700
Elon Musk: We Need a Million People to Colonize Mars read full story
Publisher: Daily MailWed, 01 Oct 2014 04:23:26 -0700
SpaceX founder Elon Musk says we must colonise red planet or face extinction read full story
Publisher: Huffington Post UKWed, 01 Oct 2014 02:11:15 -0700
Billionaire Wants To Colonise Mars With A Million People read full story
Publisher: io9Tue, 30 Sep 2014 17:00:00 -0700
We Have a "Duty" to Explore Space, Says Elon Musk read full story

Publisher: Discovery NewsMon, 29 Sep 2014 10:48:45 -0700
Dusty Days: India Mission Photographs Stormy Mars Globe

Interestingly, the plain, Meridiani Planum, is dead-center of the shot ? the location where Mars rover Opportunity landed in 2004 and continues to explore to this day. Also, near the top of the image, the greyish clouds are a sign of a dust storm ...   read full story

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Publisher: Space.comWed, 01 Oct 2014 03:52:30 -0700
US, India to Team Up on Mars Exploration read full story
Publisher: Hindustan TimesTue, 30 Sep 2014 20:45:00 -0700
Mangalyaan sends 3D image of Mars read full story
Publisher: The Planetary Society (blog)Mon, 29 Sep 2014 09:16:43 -0700
Mars Orbiter Mission delivers on promise of global views of Mars read full story
Publisher: Los Angeles TimesTue, 30 Sep 2014 15:52:30 -0700
Check out this gorgeous Mars picture, courtesy of India's orbiter read full story
Publisher: Zee NewsTue, 30 Sep 2014 21:57:17 -0700
Mangalyaan captures 3D image of Mars - See Pic read full story
Publisher: Wall Street Journal (blog)Wed, 01 Oct 2014 04:48:45 -0700
India, US Agree to Joint Exploration of Mars read full story

Publisher: Space.comMon, 29 Sep 2014 12:41:15 -0700
Indian Spacecraft Snaps Spectacular Portrait of Mars (Photo)

India's first spacecraft to visit Mars has beamed home its greatest photo of the Red Planet yet, a view that reveals the planet from pole to pole. The new photo of Mars from India's Mangalyaan probe was unveiled today (Sept. 29) by the Indian Space ...   read full story

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