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Publisher: The Planetary Society (blog)Thu, 20 Nov 2014 03:03:45 -0800
How NASA Plans to Land Humans on Mars

On the surface, NASA's humans to Mars plans seem vague and disjointed. For instance, it's difficult to see how visiting a captured asteroid in lunar orbit fits into a bigger picture. But if you combine Gerst's speech with two days of symposium panels ...   read full story

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Publisher: Deccan HeraldThu, 20 Nov 2014 11:52:30 -0800
NASA working on manned mission to Mars read full story
Publisher: Examiner.comThu, 20 Nov 2014 05:30:00 -0800
Planetary Society speculates how NASA intends to go to Mars read full story
Publisher: Product Design & DevelopmentThu, 20 Nov 2014 06:37:30 -0800
NASA Announces Early Stage Innovations Space Tech Research Grants read full story
Publisher: Microfinance MonitorThu, 20 Nov 2014 02:52:30 -0800
NASA Joins InnoCentive, Seeks Ideas from Public to Reduce Radiation Exposure read full story

Publisher: Huffington PostFri, 21 Nov 2014 02:28:08 -0800
Mars 'Skull' Is Almost Certainly Just Another Rock

The rocks on Mars have become something of a Rorschach test: Those who believe the planet once held some form of life see signs of it everywhere; others, not so much. The image below either shows a humanoid skull partially buried in the sands of Mars...   read full story

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Publisher: Headlines & Global NewsFri, 21 Nov 2014 13:22:30 -0800
UFO Sighting? 'Alien Skull' Spotted On The Surface Of Mars, Blog Speculates ... read full story

Publisher: The InquisitrFri, 21 Nov 2014 07:01:27 -0800
Physicist Claims Evidence Ancient Nuclear Explosions Ended Life On Mars

?Analysis of new images from Odyssey, MRO and Mars Express orbiters now show strong evidence of eroded archeological objects at these sites,? he wrote. ?Taken together, the data requires that the hypothesis of Mars as the site of an ancient planetary ...   read full story

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Publisher: Daily MailFri, 21 Nov 2014 03:10:26 -0800
Ancient Martian civilisation was wiped out by nuclear bomb-wielding aliens ... read full story

Publisher: RTFri, 21 Nov 2014 06:48:45 -0800
NASA rover to probe mysterious 'pink cliffs' to grasp Mars formation

NASA's Mars rover appears to have struck gold. A strange ledge at the base of Mt. Sharp exposes sediment layers that could hold clues to how the entire planet was formed. They are said to be the original reason for the agency's choice for survey location.   read full story

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Publisher: Astronomy MagazineFri, 21 Nov 2014 12:37:30 -0800
Second time through, Mars Curiosity rover examines chosen rocks read full story
Publisher: Space.comThu, 20 Nov 2014 10:11:15 -0800
Curiosity Rover Recons Rocky Base of Mars Mountain (Photos) read full story
Publisher:, 21 Nov 2014 10:33:54 -0800
Mars Curiosity Rover could solve mystery of planet thanks to pink cliffs read full story
Publisher: International Business Times AUThu, 20 Nov 2014 06:03:45 -0800
Mars Unusual Feature: Alien Skull Buried In Martian Sand read full story
Publisher: Daily MailThu, 20 Nov 2014 15:26:15 -0800
Nasa sends Curiosity rover to investigate rocky ledge on Mars read full story

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